Top 4 sweets you can prepare to gift your loved ones this Diwali.

While I was supposed to order sweets online for my dear ones, I realised that to order sweets online, I needed to decide what to buy. There are a lot of options when you order sweets online. You get everything from Gulab Jamun to Rasgulla, Barfi to Boondi. Everything! You get almost every sweet possible if you order sweets online. 

But now you think, why is it that I’m focusing so much on buying sweets or order sweets online? That’s because the festive season has already begun! 

Navratri is about to end, and the most awaited festive season of the year is almost here – Diwali!

Delicious mithais, chocolate hampers, fancy attire, and endless laughter with family and friends complete no Diwali celebration. Most of us have already begun indulging in copious amounts of sweet and savoury treats now that the holiday season has finally arrived. Even though there are a lot of deals all over the city, you should start looking for sweets to enjoy or give as gifts this Diwali.

If you’re also looking forward to Diwali primarily to satisfy your sweet tooth, we’ve got recipes for some of the best traditional sweets here! Think of delectable gulab jamuns, classic Kaju katli, and luscious kheer, among many others!

Let us look at some must-prepare and eat yourself and your loved ones too. 

  1. Rasgulla

Rosogulla is the only sweet that can do justice to heritage, joy, and culture in a gift box, especially for a festival like Diwali. So your loved ones ought to be content and look forward to more Rosogullas each year with a selection of dry fruits and chocolates. Any e-commerce website offers these soft, sugary balls of heaven for purchase online, typically in packages of one kilogram or more.

  1. Soan Papdi

With time, Soan Papdi has emerged as an essential component of Diwali. In fact, if you don’t get at least one box of Soan Papdi, Diwali doesn’t feel quite right. It is now one of the most common sweets given out on Diwali. So how can you forget soan papdi when it comes time to give gifts to your loved ones?

  1. Mysore Pak

Mysore Pak A box of Mysore Pak is the ideal present for Diwali or any other occasion. It can be given to relatives, friends, or colleagues. Because of its richness, distinctive flavour, and subtle flavour that is unlike any other, Mysore Pak is loved by virtually everyone. But, within a few seconds, a small Mysore Pak piece melts in the mouth and can lead to an addiction.


  1. Kaju Katli

These cashew-and-milk-based diamond-shaped sweets truly take the mithai shops by storm during Diwali celebrations. They can be made at home in less than an hour and are so simple to make.

Well, these were our 4 top sweets for Diwali. Order sweets online, and not just these but order every possible sweet and enjoy the occasion! The festive season calls for sweets, and that’s what we have covered here for you!