Tips to Brew an Amazing Cup of Fresh Home-Made Coffee Every Morning

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About 64% of U.S citizens take coffee everyday making it the most popular beverage in the U.S. Due to the caffeine content coffee lifts our mood and keeps us energized. Many grab a cup of freshly brewed coffee on their way to work. More often our home-made coffee pales in comparison to ones available in our favorite café. 

Do you want to make coffeehouse quality coffee at home? There is no one best version of coffee. Everyone has different preferences – some like it dark, some like it light and some prefer to add milk to their coffee. However, it is totally possible to brew a great cup of coffee every morning at your home.

Access A-Z info about coffee:

There are online resources exclusively for coffee lovers. Refer to clarify any doubts regarding coffee. The taste of coffee is heavily influenced by the beans you choose. Use their guide to find the best quality beans to never have to rely on coffee-house coffee every morning.

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How to make a great cup of coffee?

Wondering why your home coffee doesn’t taste ‘perfect’ even after adding every ingredient in the right proportions? There is a reason why the coffee you find in cafes taste amazing.  They have specialized equipment and cherry -pick their coffee beans. Make these changes to your coffee-making technique to make the perfect cup. 

  • Coffee grinder: Coffee beans are superior to ground coffee powder. Coffee gets its flavor and aroma from the oils present in the beans. When this oil is exposed to air it loses about 60% of its flavor in 15 minutes due to oxidization. Grinding it fresh before you make coffee guarantee enhanced flavor.
  • Choice of coffee beans:  Ingredients are the heart of any dish. We aren’t suggesting you to hunt for exotic coffee beans. Opt for light or medium roast beans for a lighter coffee and dark roast beans for a darker coffee. Consider purchasing from a local supplier to ensure freshness of beans and store them in an airtight, dark and dry place.
  • Coffee-maker: Espressos machines work great to brew espressos. However, if you want to make other coffee varieties like flat whites, long lattes, opt for other affordable equipment like ceramic filter, Mokapot or Chemex. You can try programmable brew machines that have a timer function, which lets you set the brew time in advance.
  • Water temperature: The temperature of water added to coffee should ideally be between 90 and 96C. You can let the water reach boiling temperature and leave it to rest for 30 seconds before adding it to coffee.


Grind the coffee beans and pour ample water to moisten them. The beans need few seconds to absorb the moisture and then pour it inside the brew equipment. Add ¾ cup of water for 2tbsp of grinds. Leave it to rest for 4 minutes, stir it and pour it in a cup. If you like to take coffee with milk, warm it before adding it to coffee.

You don’t have to purchase a fancy espresso machine to brew the perfect cup. For more tips on coffee brewing, check out this guide by The Brew Therapy. Follow these affordable upgrades and see the difference.