The most popular pizzas of Montreal!

Montreal is a city that celebrates pizza in every nook and corner of it. The people here are savy of the cheesy taste and exotic toppings that make pizza and experience. This is why Montreal has some of the finest pizzerias crafting that authentic taste and playing with a variety of toppings to delivery on your favourite at your doorstep. When it comes to Double Pizza Montreal, the experts craft the very best for the customers thereby redefining experiences!

As you go picking amidst the vast menu of the pizzas Montreal has certain favourites that truly have made a mark. Here are some of the popular pizzas of Montreal!

Margherita Pizza

Margherita has been the classic favourite of all the people in the world. With subtle hints of tomato sauce the pizza is hand-tossed and made with a lot of sprinkles of cheese. The subtle balance of the tomato and cheese of the pizza has made its mark with the fines taste. In Montreal a large populations of people prefer the classic Margherita over the loaded pizzas!

American pepperoni Pizza

Pepperoni is one of the most popular and widely chosen ingredients for pizzas world over. It is the world’s favourite! And people of Montreal doesn’t fall short of the love either. The American pepperoni includes tomato sauce, cheese and loads of pepperoni for the topping to be a driving factor for its taste and love. It’s one of the widely ordered pizzas!

Special Double Pizza

Special Double Pizza is one of the bestsellers of the Double Pizza Pizzeria in Montreal. This beautiful pizza is a coming together of tomato, cheese, pepperoni, mushrooms, green pepper, and Italian sausage on a hand tossed pizza with a hard outer crust. The blend of the flavours delights the customers at large making it one of the bestselling pizzas in all of Montreal. Above all the delivery of piping hot pizzas right to your doorstep within routine time makes for the real treat.

Mediterranean Pizza

Mediterranean pizzas are known for their balance of cheese variants and blending together of ingredients that make for quite an exotic taste. In this pizza feta, parmesan and processed cheese come together for a fine rich taste. And it is an absolute paradise in the mouth with flavours of olives and mushrooms dropping by in intervals.

Montreal has its fetish for delicious pizzas – which one are you choosing!