What are the Different Types of Bars and How to Determine the Appropriate Bar?

The contemporary bars can be categorised into different types and you can determine the right bar for you based on your choice and preference. The first and most accessible one is the neighbourhood dive which is normally operated and owned by a native of your localities like the Riverside bar and restaurant. The neighbourhood dive bars open from 6 AM to 2 AM every day and serve the preferred food and beverages of the customers because they are accustomed to the customers of the locality.

The pubs are different than the dive bars and are usually cleaner, larger and tourist-friendly. The tourist here refers to people who do not belong to the same localities as in the cases of neighbourhood dive bars. The pub normally tends to by cozy places where plenty of drinking takes place, but you may not often see someone vomit on their wife or gets beaten up by the teamster or collapses etc. Most pubs offer reasonably priced drinks, good beer and often greasy cheeseburgers which tastes awesome.

The high concept bars are built upon sufficient supply of tourist and can survive only in metropolitan cities where tourists would visit the sophisticated bar for expensive thrills or people who consider themselves more sophisticated than the common beer-swilling people.

There are various types and sizes of hotel bars but with one definite characteristic that they would be always located near to the bedrooms of the hotels. Therefore, you might imagine how the hotel bars would be but one aspect to be pretty sure that no much outsiders visit the hotel bars.

The vertically challenged bars are normally located six feet under and cater to the bikers, oenophiles, leather enthusiasts, dwarfs, fur wearers etc. Similarly, the nostalgia bars are old timely bars which normally serve the traditional cocktail and display black and white photos and newspaper articles on the wall. Then you have plastic bars which you count a place without a soul. If you at all know the plastic bars you might know them by the name as yuppie bars or fern bars. Whatever the fact with the plastic bars but they still have booze.

You can also categorise bars into other categories based on the types of functioning like live music joint bars, sports bars etc, which often serve alcohol and beer with loud music like that of live music joints.