Why is it important to use cheese that does not split when melting in burgers

Article at a Glance:

  • Cheese slices that do not split when melting in burgers enhance the visual appeal of burgers.
  • Hi-melt, American, and cheddar cheese are some of the best melting cheeses for burgers.

The cheese selection is one of the important aspects of making delicious and appealing burgers across restaurants. The type of cheese used in burgers significantly impacts the flavour and texture of your burgers, and so it determines the final product in burger cooking. Cheese verities that have a high melting point and do not split when melting in burgers are an idle choice for your restaurant burgers. Here’s why.

Why is it important to use cheese that does not split when melting in burgers?

Using cheese that does not split when melting in burgers is crucial for a few reasons:

Enhanced flavour: Good flavour is what people look for in their burgers. Cheese that melts smoothly and evenly without splitting when heating helps to distribute the cheese flavour throughout the burger. Conversely, split cheese slices result in uneven distribution of flavour, so some parts of the burger have too much cheese flavour while others have none. To ensure your burgers have a homogeneous flavour in each bite, cheese with a high melting ability that does not split is a good option for your eatery.

Texture and mouthfeel: Food enthusiasts enjoy a great mouth feel when eating their burgers, and a smooth, creamy cheese can ensure a good mouth feel from your burgers. Cheese that splits when melted forms a stringy or clumpy texture that can be unpleasant to eat. A hi-melt cheese like THINS burger slices forms a smooth and creamy layer of melted cheese over the patty, which is more enjoyable to eat. So, it is best to have cheese that does not split to enhance the overall burger-eating experience for the customers.

Aesthetics and presentation: Customers enjoy more visually appealing burgers than bland ones. Your burgers must have a good appearance to encourage customers to try them. The best way to do this is to use high-melting cheese like THINS burger slices in your burgers. THINS burger slices do not become runny when melted on the patty and ensure a more visually appealing presentation for your burgers. Always avoid using cheese slices that look messy and unappetizing upon melting on burgers.

Cheese that does not split when melting

When talking about cheese that does not split upon melting, the following are the best options for restaurants to use:

Hi-melt cheese: Hi-melt cheese is popular for burgers due to its excellent melting properties. Hi-melt burger cheese slices do not leach water when heated, and it is easy to heat the cheese slice with a patty or bun because of its high melting point. This way, hi-melt cheese is a standout option for crafting delicious photogenic burgers in restaurants and fast food chains. They add a distinctive creamy cheddar flavour and do not mask the taste of your patty and other burger ingredients. Also, they are free of any additives. THINS burger slices are economic variants of hi-melt cheese for restaurants that source cheese in bulk.

American cheese: American cheese slices are a classic choice for burgers in Australia. These cheese slices are designed to melt smoothly, adding great visual depth to your burgers. American cheese has a mild, creamy flavour that complements most burger toppings.

Cheddar cheese: Cheddar cheese is a perfect addition to burgers, especially for burger fans enjoying a more robust flavour. This cheese has a sharp, tangy flavour ad crumbly texture. Cheddar cheese slices melt well without splitting and add a bold, savoury taste to your burgers. Additionally, it pairs well with savoury toppings used in burgers, like bacon and mushrooms.

Pepper Jack cheese: Pepper Jack cheese is a spicy variant of Monterey Jack cheese. It is a semi-soft cheese that melts well and adds a bold and spicy flavour to your burgers. The spicy flavour comes from Jalapeno peppers.