Guide to African Bush Mango Seed and the Known Ogbono Soup

Did you know that West Africa is home to a superfood known as African Bush Mango Seed? African Bush Mango Seed, or Ogbono, has become a global holistic health sensation!

Read our guide to African Bush Mango Seed and the famous Ogbono soup so that you can enjoy the vitality of this superfood!

The History of African Bush Mango Seed

Ogbono, or irvingia gabonensis, is a West African tree that is flowing with nutrients and medicinal compounds. 

West African country’s like Nigeria have involved Ogbono seeds in their cuisine for centuries. Ogbono stew has become a popular Nigerian soup recipe due to its vital medicinal benefits.

It is thanks to cultures that are deeply rooted in their local landscape that these herbs and natural compounds are being discovered.

African Bush Mango Seed is a nut that can be harvested from the Ogbono tree. The nut can then be processed in a multitude of ways to create a wide variety of support products, each with its own unique health benefits.

This seed, however, is far more than just food. Ogbono may owe its longevity to the ancestors who understood its uplifting effect on the mind. 

Ogbono seeds contain tryptophan which is a serotonin-boosting neurotransmitter. Compounds like dopamine, or the ”happy hormone” work in a similar way once it is digested into our blood system.

African Bush Mango Seed has become a staple product for families in Nigeria, Africa, and health-conscious pockets all over the world.

The ancestral lineage of Ogbono has given it a good global reputation as a cure-all and superfood.

What Can Ogbono Seeds Make?

African Bush Mago Seed is capable of being alchemized into many different forms. The method used for daily consumers is the culinary method. 

Ogbono recipes come in all shapes and sizes. The most prevalent form is the Ogbono Nigerian soup recipe.

Combining Ogbono with other local produce like yams creates a healthy tonic that can soothe your body and enhance your mood.

The roots of the African Bush Mango Seed are full of potential. They are often pressed to make jams and jellies. The roots of the Ogbono tree can also be turned into a cleansing juice.

Fermenting the Ogbono juice can prepare alcoholic drinks like wine. Ogbono roots are a sacred part of the Ogbono tree so it is important that their nutrients are respected.

The exterior of the African Bush Mango Seed can be alchemized into a dye. This dye can adorn clothes and other textiles used in daily life.

Not many seeds are capable of such diverse ways of helping the world, hemp seeds being the only exception. Both seeds, however, are nutritious to digest via your stomach and skin.

African Bush Seed oil is created by pressing the raw seeds to extract their essence. Raw seeds can be eaten on their own as well.

Ogbono oil can be used topically but is also perfectly safe to ingest. Ogbono oil can be a convenient way to enjoy the mood-enhancing benefits of the miracle seed.

Roasting the seeds is another way to enjoy an edible version of Ogbono. Add even more heat to the seeds to be able to use their essence in medicines and makeup!

The African Bush Mango Seed can heal you from the inside out. If you enjoy the oil or food of the Ogbono nut then you will absorb its internal health benefits.

If you find better results with topical applications then consider adding Ogbono to your skincare and cosmetic routine.

In regards to African Bush Mango Seeds, the better question is, “what can’t Ogbono seeds make?” because they are so versatile!

Their vitamin-rich content is perfect for anybody on a journey to complete health. Ogbono seeds are your next superfood ingredient.

The Health Benefits of Ogbono

Ogbono seeds are well-balanced in their nutrient content. Ogbono seeds are a wonderful kitchen addition for vegans because they are rich in protein. 

Finding a plant-based protein source doesn’t have to be boring or conventional. Enjoy expanding your culinary palette with a taste of Africa.

Looking for a new way to add fiber to your diet? Ogbono seeds are composed of mucilaginous polysaccharides that help them create a viscous texture. 

African Bush Mango Seeds are full of dietary fiber that can help relax your bowels, ease digestion, and soothe bloating.

In addition to the neurotransmitters found in African Bush Mango Seed, the nuts are also known to have an energizing effect.

Food is medicine so eating something that is good for your body and mind is one of the greatest remedies you can find.

Ogbono seeds and their medicinal products are synonymous with the famous Ogbono soup recipe.

Ogbono Irvingia gabonensis is can detoxify your blood and cardiovascular system by lowering your cholesterol levels. 

With obesity on the rise, worldwide, African Bush Mango Seed can become a new staple ingredient for those hoping to lose weight.

If you aren’t seeing success with your current dietary restrictions then consider giving African Bush Mango Seed a try!

The Famous Ogbono Soup Recipe

Not only is Ogbono soup delicious but it is also highly nutritious! Another weight loss tip, this soup is rumored to be very filling.

One bowl is all you need to enjoy your meal and benign living your active lifestyle. If appetite retention is important to you then consider adding this ingredient to your next shopping list!

Ogbono soup can be prepared to suit a variety of diets. A traditional Ogbono soup recipe contains both vegetables and meat. However, this recipe can be alchemized into a plant-based soup as well.

It is important to note that the ingredients of the soup can vary with the available produce of the season.

If you do not live in Nigeria or West Africa then consider switching out for local ingredients in your community.

The purpose of the soup is to heal you from the inside out so fresh local ingredients can do that better than what is fresh or local to someone else. 

The only required ingredient for the soup is Ogbono seeds. The number of seeds that are required for your soup is dependent on how thick or viscous you would like to be. 

You will grind your Ogbono seeds down as finely as possible. Break apart the proteins of the seeds helps create a thicker consistency in your soup.

Set your Ogbono powder aside while you prepare the rest of your ingredients. You will need to decide what other ingredients you feel comfortable adding to your soup.

A medical soup is a lot of fun to tailor to your current needs. You could add ingredients that are well known for soothing whatever ails you at the moment.

While you think about which ingredients will work for your personalized recipe, take a look at the traditional list of Ogbono soup ingredients.

African Bush Mango Seed Soup Ingredients

West Africa is known for its farm-fresh meat and fish. A protein like this is a common addition to the traditional recipe.

Consider adding a plant-based protein option if you are searching for a lighter and healthier alternative. 

If you are interested in the meat version then consider slow cooking your meat so that it pairs well with the consistency of the Ogbono-based soup.

Speaking of plant-based, there are 2 staple produce ingredients that everybody should include in their personalized recipe.

Spinach is the traditional green of choice. Spinach is a wonderful green for this medicinal soup because of its high protein content and diverse plenty of vitamins and minerals.

You could substitute spinach with arugula, kale, dandelion, or mustard greens for a different flavor profile. It is suggested to keep some sort of green element within the soup for optimal health-boosting power.

Onion is another produce stable in the African Bush Mango Seed soup. Onion is a typical stable in any delicious soup recipe so this ingredient is a sure sign that your Ogbono soup will be tasty!

Although it is not required, consider adding garlic to the recipe. Garlic is another hack to make any soup delicious. However, like onion, garlic can cleanse your bloodstream and keep you well-protected.

The traditional recipe also calls for a couple of tablespoons of crayfish. Crayfish powder may not be accessible where you are so again this can be substituted. 

Are you a fan of spicy food? Swap out crayfish powder for chili flakes for an added kick of flavor. If you are not able to source local onion or garlic then you can substitute with garlic powder and onion powder as well.

Keep in mind that the freshness of your ingredients is what will give you African Bush Mango Seed soup the key to its complex flavor profile.

If you plan on using spicy elements in your Ogbono soup recipe then this next part is especially for you.

Sourcing Sustainable Ogbono Soup Ingredients

A couple of tablespoons of palm oil are recommended for this recipe. Palm oil that isn’t sustainably sourced can be the product of a monoculture plantation.

Palm plantations disrupt the natural ecosystem and are causes of widespread dips in biodiversity. Try your best to source sustainable palm oil if you can.

Other oils, however, are also available to add to your soup. For a savory taste, substitute with olive oil.

If you would like to add complexity to the flavor profile then consider being bold by adding coconut oil to the mix.

Adding oils to your spicy food can help to reduce the inflammation that can irritate your gut. Protect your gut with the lipid layer of healthy fats and oils!

One of the last foundational ingredients to this soup is the infamous stock cube. This is a combination of herbs and flavors to give your soup a salty and savory base. 

A variety of stock options are available to suit your dietary needs. Vegetable stock is a great option for plant-based folks.

It is 100% possible to craft your own stock cube once you compile the necessary ingredients. This way you can control the flavor profile and the sodium levels.

The last ingredients are the simplest, salt and pepper. Keep in mind that the stock you add will also have a hefty amount of sodium in it.

White peppercorn can be crushed in the soup to taste. If you’re missing the flavor note you want then try adding a squeeze of lemon into the soup as well.

Combine your Ogbono seeds powder with the rest of the ingredients and slowly stir them over an open flame for at least 30 minutes. 

Slow cooking your Ogbono soup is an essential step for releasing all of the nutrients in the ingredients as well as bring all of the flavors to life.

Once your African Bush Mango Seed soup is done turn off the flame and allow the soup to cool. The soup is traditionally served with fufu, a West African bread that is delicious when dipped into the soup.

You can substitute fufu for pita, tortillas, or any other fresh bread. The texture of this element compliments the soup perfectly!

Since the African Bush Mango Seed tree is so sacred, consider dressing the soup in a nice bowl with lush colors that represent West Africa.

Now you are ready to fully enjoy your traditional or custom bowl of medicinal Ogbono soup. Remember, it’s filling so enjoy your bowl to the fullest!

Deepen Your Holistic Health Journey

Ogbono soup is a great recipe to add to your holistic health cookbook. Enjoy customizing the recipe to meet your specific health requirements. Interested in other ways you can improve your life? Check out our blog regularly for the latest updates and tips on how to level up!