Best Place for a Business Lunch in Montreal

There are many Montreal business lunch restaurants, but whether you are having lunch with a client or someone who is in the same business you are in, you will not go wrong taking them to the Baton Rouge for lunch. You will need to make reservations in advance as BR is quite popular.


Lunch is the best opportunity every day to take clients out and especially to make them feel important. But many are hesitant to take clients – especially new ones, out to lunch. Taking clients out to lunch is something not done as much as before the age of technology, but it is one of the better ways to connect with your clients as well as to earn more business. Although technology helps us keep in touch more frequently, it is still important to have face time with special clients.


Here are some guidelines to help take your business relationships to a higher level.

  • You can start by offering to pick them up so they will not have to hassle with traffic or parking. Handle everything so that they have nothing to worry about.
  • Be considerate when ordering. If your client is on a healthy diet, don’t order anything that might interfere with that diet. BBQ ribs are special at Baton Rouge but are usually not recommended for a business lunch – but in this case, go ahead and order the ribs – your client will be so impressed with the ribs whatever business you are discussing can come later.
  • Always pay for lunch with a credit card as cash creates a “Let’s all chip in” atmosphere. A credit card is authoritative and lets them know they are your special guest.

Special place

The entire point of taking clients out to lunch is to do whatever it takes to make them feel special. And taking them to Baton Rouge will certainly make anyone feel special. If fact you should take someone out to lunch almost every day as it is a good business practice and you will also get to enjoy the fine food offered at this exceptional restaurant.