More Dining Options inside the College of West Florida

As being a current student inside the College of West Florida, I frequently eat at restaurants in the dining options which exist on campus. My newcomer year, I’d the displeasure of getting meals plan. Where We’d to eat 12 meals every week inside the Nautilus Market, a fantastic-you-can-eat option. In addition, I preferred to take a position $300 at another vendor on campus. It had been needed and overpriced. I’m proposing the college of West Florida provide students with better on-campus dining options.

Presently, you will find 11 places to obtain a bite to consume during campus. However, four seem to become just grab-and-go cafes, therefore i wouldn’t think about these as viable options. These cafes are excellent in their locations. They’re in specific structures such as the office along with the library. They are good options if you’re in a hurry.

Where UWF Dining really needs help is inside the commons. We’ve the Nautilus Market, a choice that’s mainly for newcomer and students with diet programs. They provide many selections,however, they aren’t good. The food items literally reduced the problem sick multiple occasions. Additionally, the only real healthy/vegan/vegetarian choices salad. Personally, For me the salad tastes like it’s been sprayed with preservatives. Also, within the commons there’s a Quiznos its decent if you’d like Quiznos. The chick-n-grill shouldn’t even be described as a restaurant, because it is flavorless. It’s a chipotle have to be, and it also fails. The Argo Galley is excellent. They’ve beer and wine. Their daily dietary intake are fundamental bar food but overpriced.

Used to some analysis into other schools dining options together with what I stumbled upon was disappointing. The College of Florida has chain options within their campus. They’ve Panda Express, Einstein Bagels, and Moe’s Southwest Grill FSU has more! You are able to reason theses undoubtedly are a considerably bigger schools and they are Division one inch athletics. However, even other D2 schools in Florida like Nova SouthEastern, Craig, Flagler and College of North Florida manage to better dining options than UWF. Nova includes a Subway, an Au Bon Discomfort, along with an Eisenstein Bagels. UNF includes a Jamba Juice, an excellent popular processed foods chicken joint, along with a Pita Pit. Simply getting into the Pita Pit can make a great deal of variations. The region Pita Pit is unquestionably busy at lunchtime, that may draw more students to remain and eat on campus.