Without Commercial Refrigeration, There Won’t Be Food In The Markets

Food business these days is so huge that you can’t even imagine. The entire food industry is worth around $5 trillion. Do you know how much this is? It is about 3 times more than the entire domestic gross product of Canada. See more about it here.

This is meant for foods that are being only packed. Things like snacks, pasta, etc. The foods that are supposed to be served fresh, such as fruits, meat, etc. take another part of the measurements which is not included in this calculation.

All this tells you how many trucks out there are delivering some kind of food in the markets and restaurants around the world. If you want to get some fresh dish in your favorite restaurant, a whole chain of events need to be done.

One of the biggest issues in this part is the refrigeration of some of the goods. Not everything can be transported at the same temperature. Almost all foods need a lower temperature to keep them in their best shape.

Imagine how many climate zones are in the USA only. During the summer days, the temperature reaches over 100 degrees and there’s no way that trucks can deliver them from one place to another without special equipment.

Transporting things from one cost to another takes days. During this time, a lot of the goods will spoil and won’t be useful unless you take some action and prevent it. In Europe, some of the goods often travel outside the European zone and need to pass lots of borders. This is a time where trucks can spend days and if it is not properly stored, the package will simply be destroyed.

How to choose a refrigerator for these needs

It doesn’t matter if you’re just a guy who’s about to go on a picnic or an entrepreneur who’s trying to take care of their business and deliver a ton of meat from one place to another. You can’t let it spoil and throw it away.

Choosing commercial refrigeration depends on the type of food you’re about to transport. Also, the weight and the capacity is something you need to mind too.

When it comes to the temperature, you need to consult the technicians who will tell you on what temperature certain type of food needs to be stored to be kept in an optimal condition. You can’t freeze everything. Some things completely get spoiled if they are frozen and then taken back to normal again.

Other goods, can’t be left on a low temperature that’s over 32 degrees. They must be frozen at all times. Not taking care of this will mean risking the health of the consumers and this is something that will not just be ruing your company and career, but you might get some people in serious trouble and make them hurt. Not to mention that the punishment for this is jail. See about the temperatures and food here: https://www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au/health/healthyliving/food-safety-and-storage.

When it comes to the size, you should know your capacity of transporting. You can get a small van with the equipment needed to freeze everything inside, but what will happen if you need to store 3 tons of meat inside?

On the other hand, you can’t get a 20-feet truck completely equipped with state of the art technology to keep everything fresh for months, if you only deliver so much. You can’t keep that kind of sized truck empty and spend so much money on it running around for nothing, right?

All these things tell you that you need to understand your line of business first. You need to understand how much work you’re going to have, and then take some action for getting commercial refrigerators.


With the things said above it should be clearer what you’re dealing with. There’s no right or wrong, there’s just doing good research and finding out about what and how much you’re going to transport.

Remember that over time, it’s a lot likely that you’ll need to expand your business and get more trucks, make better arrangements and get better equipment. However, for now, it’s best if you know your limits and gets only the things that you need.