Why Are Gummy Worms So Popular?

Before you buy gummy worms or gummy bears, you must know certain interesting facts and reasons why these are so popular. These sweet sugary candies have an interesting history and with the period of time, it has only gained more popularity and demand. Not everyone is aware there is a founder behind these tasty fruit flavoured gummies.

These gummies were invented by Hans Riegel, a German candy maker. It was born in his same city and the first company for gummy bears were named as, HARIBO. The reason why the name Gummy was kept is because the main ingredient used was gum Arabic and thus the name Gummy.

Why are gummy worms so popular?

If you have checked the pictures and ads of these gummies, you wouldn’t be looking for reasons for its popularity. The different flavours, shapes, sizes, colour, and packaging are so attractive that anyone would find it irresistible to buy. These are majorly popular as instead of only chewing these are gummies, health companies are following the same recipe and looks for multi-vitamin tablets.

Why do you think anyone would hate to chew a multi-vitamin gummy worm over? Everyone hates to bring those typical tasteless and ugly looking tablets home. It is one of the reasons why gummy worms have picked such love from people.

There are plentiful of other reasons too!

  • Vibrant colours attract even the adults. With the chewable candies, you can balance your sugar levels by avoiding other sweets and carbs.
  • Taste is so good that every different colour you chew gives you a different flavour. Generally, the green coloured ones are strawberry flavours and others come in variety of other flavours like apple, orange, pineapple, etc. You just feel like you are chewing a gummy fruit!
  • Shape and size is another highlight in its features. The unique colours, shapes, and sizes from a worm to a butterfly and of course the Bear, everything makes it so appealing to buy.
  • Health factor is one of the major reasons why these gummy worms are prominent as these are treated to be healthy compared to the other sweet stuff.