What Should You Know About the Carnivore Diet?

The carnivore diet can be considered to be the exact opposite of veganism. The carnivore dieters strictly avoid plant-based food including any form of refined carbs or starchy vegetables. They are not into foods that contain low carb or keto diets. Strict carnivore dieters also avoid mushrooms, avocados, nuts, seeds, and olive or coconut oil. 

Some of them, however, are a bit flexible to tea, coffee or wines, and spirits. They also occasionally consume spices and seasonings to induce better flavors in food. And, some of them also like to include dairy and eggs in their diet. But majorly, one would find most of them sticking around animal flesh like fatty beef, lamb, pork, or fatty fish and seafood. There are also people who would pick only muscle meats while others would prefer taking in organ meats and bone broths. 

Are vegetables excluded?

It might sound extreme to you to exclude absolutely every vegetable from your diet. But it is not that crazy. Carnivore diets like challenging the conventional thoughts that fibers are required in our diet for a proper and healthy gut and GI functioning. This diet form also questions the antioxidants and sulfur compounds in berries and broccoli.

Why would anyone want to follow this diet?

The carnivore diet has been considered to be the ultimate elimination diet. If anybody is facing intractable health issues, switching to this diet form can greatly benefit them. It can also help you get over the most common conditions of food allergens. But you should know that the elimination diet protocols are very intimidating and complicated. You will find it challenging to balance the glutens, oxalates, salicylates, or FODMAPs from your food. 

Who would be benefitted from this diet?

People who are trying out the carnivore diet are usually the ones who have tried out a lot of alternatives previously. Some might be already healthy and fit and must have been on a low carb or a keto diet. Others would want to try something new and different. Also, there might be some whose physical and mental health is gravely affected due to veganism. There are also people who want to skip the moderate approaches like Paleo or LCHF and jump right onto the carnivore diet.

So, if you are planning to start the carnivore diet, the best quality meat from Papa Earth will help you walk on this path with ease.