What are Vacuum fillers?

In every food processing process, vacuum packaging is a crucial step, regardless of the product. Choosing the right vacuum packaging machine depends on the type of food, its size and features. Vacuum fillers have long been used in the meat processing industry and other food industries.

A vacuum filler is a filling machine for filling pasty masses. The movement of the pasty masses is generated with the aid of a vane cell feed system under the influence of vacuum.

The food industry employs a lot of vacuum fillers. They are mostly used to fill sausages and dry sausages, as well as ham, salami, and other meat products.

The process of vacuum filling

The food is transferred in the distributing pump during the filling process. The air will be removed and the portioning will take place at this time. The food components are placed in their casings with extreme accuracy in portion weight management. It would form a full production line if the fillers and clippers could be linked together.

Benefits of vacuum fillers

Through the advancement of vacuum filling devices, it is now possible to meet both mechanical and efficiency criteria. Moving or transporting fluids in the food industry is accomplished with the aid of pump technology. This is referred to as loading or portioning informally.

The importance of portioners

To make a high-quality snack, an appetizing meal item, or a ready-to-eat meal, precise portioning and depositing of food ingredients is needed. The first step in the cooking process is to portion meat for final items like hamburgers or nuggets. The materials must be correctly portioned and uniform in weight and form.

The portioning equipment can handle a wide range of raw food materials, including pasty, liquid, or firm in consistency. Products will be portioned correctly while maintaining their shape, which will be filled in multi-layers if possible. This happens as low weight dispersal is used to optimize commodity uniformity.

When it comes to solid fillings, cut-to-measure slices of solid filling can be applied to the simple raw material on the belt, resulting in a filled product that is totally automated and requires no manual adjustment. The filling is deposited onto the essential raw material in precisely the right spot and in precisely the right proportions for liquid or paste fillings.

One of the best vacuum fillers in the industry

Food must be appealing to the eye, particularly in today’s dynamic food industry. So the loading and portioning is not only just about weight consistency, but rather about the product’s presentation – it must be appealing to the consumers.

To handle meat sausages, as well as portioning, twisting, depositing, and shaping of meat, fish, and other food items, our filling and portioning filling machines can be easily paired with a wide variety of accessories and devices. We use the best pump in every model of our vacuum filler. In the manufacture of any kind of meat product, whether coarse, ground, or emulsion, our fillers ensure the highest level of product consistency and portion precision.