Learn these French Restaurant Vocabularies to Avoid Missing Out on Your Favourite Dishes


The French have a specific way of doing everything including eating out. From baguettes to Chantilly-stuffed pastries, the French has provided us with an enticing cuisine. Dining at French restaurants is all the more fun if you learn their basic restaurant vocabulary. Start by finding a nice classy restaurant.

Quebec residents can try restaurant L’Academie spread across 7 locations. The restaurant serves exceptional food and offers great service. Booking a table ahead saves time. You don’t have to spend time waiting to get a spot. Call the restaurant give the date and time details. When at the restaurant, talk like a local. 

Interact with the locals by maintaining a polite tone. You can gain the attention of the waiter/waitress by saying, ‘Excusez-moi’ (Excuse me) and utter ‘S’il vous plait’ (please) after making an order. These words would help you when browsing through the menu.

  • La carte – Menu
  • A La carte – From the menu
  • Prix fixe – Set menu
  • L’entree – appetizer
  • Le plat principal – Main dish
  • Le fromage- Cheese plate
  • Le Dessert- Dessert
  • Le digestif – After-dinner drink

Understanding the menu options:

Before or after your meal, you may like a drink. The common ones you’ll find in the menu are:

  • Le cafe: Coffee
  • Le the – Tea
  • La biere – Beer
  • L’eau – Water
  • Le vin – Wine

Under the a la carte section, you can select whatever starter, main course and dinner you prefer. The prix fixe includes a set menu that offers different meal combinations at specific price.  Though you would find only few dishes in the category, they are available at a cheaper price and it is a great to taste their authentic cuisine. After dinner if you ask for le cafe, you will receive an espresso. If you would like something with milk, you’ll have to mention it specifically.

Ingredients you will find in the menu:

  • Le fromage – Cheese 
  • Le pain – bread
  • Le poisson – fish
  • Le boeuf – Beef
  • L’agneau – Lamb
  • Le poulet -Chicken 
  • Le porc – Pork 
  • Les legumes – Vegetables
  • Les pommes de terre- Potatoes
  • La glace – Ice cream
  • Les pates -Pasta


If you read something has been cooked au four, it is prepared with an oven and usually be served as a roasted dish while fume refers to smoked. When you are armed with knowledge about the above phrases, you’ll know exactly what to order.