A Guide to Cooking on a Caravan Holiday

Are you ready to hit the road in your caravan? More and more people are embracing van life, especially younger folks who want the freedom and convenience to travel more.

However, have you thought about what you’ll eat on your caravan holiday? Cooking on the road can take some getting used to, but it’s still possible to enjoy delicious meals on the road.

To learn more, keep reading to find our guide to cooking in a caravan, whether you’re traveling for a week or for the long haul.

Keep Your Recipes Simple

Cooking over a camp stove is very different from cooking in your kitchen—you’ll have far less space! You also won’t have access to a full pantry of herbs and spices, so life will be much easier if you keep your recipes simple.

You can still enjoy plenty of flavor and taste when cooking while caravanning, but look for recipes that only use a few ingredients. They’ll be easier to prepare with limited space and will still satisfy hungry campers.

Bring Along the Right Equipment

Before setting off on your first adventure, take stock of your supplies and make sure you have all of the essential equipment. You’ll need a few pots and pans, bowls, measuring spoons, and basic tools like tongs, spatulas, and scissors.

Plus, pack along one set of plates, bowls, and cutlery for each person traveling. However, fragile ceramic isn’t necessarily the best choice, so consider a more durable material like metal.

Don’t Be Afraid of Cooking Outside

Cooking al fresco can be strange at first, if you’re not used to it! However, not all campsites will have cooking facilities, so if you’re willing to cook outside, you’ll have a lot more options.

It’s a good idea to invest in a cast iron grill, as you can set it up outdoors, effectively creating your own stove or grill! It’s a versatile device that you can use for cooking any meal—this is a good one to consider: https://barebonesliving.com/products/all-in-one-cast-iron-grill.

Plan Each Meal in Advance

Small caravans aren’t likely to have much storage, so it helps to plan each meal in advance for the week. That way, you know what to buy at the grocery store without needing to worry about any food going to waste.

Van life is all about minimalism, so stay organized and only buy what you need.

Eat Well on Your Caravan Holiday With These Tips

If you’re planning a caravan holiday, the tips above should help you figure out your kitchen setup. It might take some trial and error to figure out exactly what you need, but soon, you’ll be cooking up a storm!

Get started today by taking stock of your inventory and making a meal plan for your first week on the road—there’s plenty of delicious caravanning recipes out there!

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