Which One Is Better: Trashcans With A Lid Or Without Lid?

The trashcans are there to serve a simple purpose that is to handle our rubbish, disposable and unwanted waste products in our daily lives. When buying trashcans, you might have noticed that some trash can offer the lid and others are do not. Have you wonder what difference a simple lid on the trash can creates. The trash can have a simple design, as they are just there to store the garbage. However, trashcan with lid (ถัง ขยะ มี ฝา ปิด, which is the term in Thai) can offer better assistance and functionality if you use them in certain places.

Here are the lists of places where you can install the trashcan with a lid, as they are better suited to be used in the following places.

Where Can You Use The Lid Trashcan?

·       Outdoor Use

Using a trashcan without a lid for outdoor is not a good decision. The open trashcans are an open invitation of the pest, such as rats and cockroaches. Furthermore, the city ordinance guides citizens to use a trash can with a lid for outdoors to avoid any interference with waste.

·       Kitchens

Kitchens are the perfect place for using the lid trashcans. However, since you are using them inside of the house, you need a trashcan that comes with a hinge so that you can keep the lid close or open according to your will.

The reason to choose the hinged lid for the kitchen trashcan is that a Kitchen is a busy place. When you are cooking in your kitchen, you might not want to bother yourself opening the lid whenever throwing the garbage.

Another reason for using a lidded trashcan in the kitchen is that you might throw food items inside the trashcan. The food items are biodegradable waste, which means they are going to decompose and leave a foul smell. However, covering the trashcan with a lid can avoid the foul smell to mix with outside air. The foul smell also attracts pests inside your house; using the lid trashcan can avoid pests to enter the trashcan.

·       Home Offices

If you have a home office, you want it to be organized. You want to keep all the clutter and mess off the site of your visitors and clients.

How about all the trash that you throw in your dustbin? You want your client to see that? It might not leave a good impression on your client. Therefore, you need to use the lid trashcan that can hide all the garbage from the eyes of visitors.