Love for Pizza in Montreal: Order Online & Throw a Party at Home

Pizza parties can never be dull and boring. It’s a delicious dish, and there is so much to talk about while you are having pizza and beer. If you live in Montreal, you’re in luck because there are quite a few places that deliver delicious pizzas. These pizzerias offer classic pizzas and ones with a little twist as well.

Before you throw a pizza party at home, we would like to shed some light on how you can celebrate it with full fervor. Let’s get started!

Pizza Party Ideas for Locals in Montreal

In case you are having a pizza party, it would be nice to choose a good movie or order some drinks.

Pizzerias have meal deals that also consist of Pepsi cans. Pepsi is a wonderful drink and it goes quite well with pizzas.

Not everyone is an alcoholic, so you can order meal deals with Pepsi cans. If there are alcoholics in the house, get some beer, cocktails, and sangria to go with the pizza.

A glass of wine or sangria goes perfectly with pepperoni pizza.

In case you want to watch a movie or a match, make sure there’s a comfortable spot to relax. You and your friends should be comfortable while watching the match or movie. Deck up the home and place the snacks and the pizzas on a table. The guests can help themselves.

You can keep the sangria or cocktail in a large jar and the beer in an ice bucket.

Pizza Party Activities & Games

If you’re in the mood to party and have several guests coming in, it would be nice to play some fun games.

Making your ‘own’ pizza would be a messy thing to do. You could probably do a pizza-eating competition. For this purpose, you would need lots of pizzas. Don’t worry about that as pizzerias like Double Pizza have such good deals that you can have a pizza eating competition and still not get a dent in your pocket.

You could also make a pizza slice castle and see who makes the prettiest one! Please eat the slices after the competition results have been announced.

A pizza party is incomplete without some props. You could make pizza hats and also bake a pizza-shaped dessert with lots of sweet toppings.

Feel free to place an order for yummy pizzas – both garden and meaty flavors. Don’t forget to add some fries to your order. And, if you don’t want to go out to buy a pizza, you can count on the Double pizza delivery in Montreal. They will pack your pizzas nicely and deliver them while they’re still hot.