Learn these 5 Traits of the Best Quality White Wine

Everyone undoubtedly prefers the best tasting wine, no matter the type. When you are about to buy wine online in the UK, you end up flabbergasted looking at the endless choices of wines available. If you want to purchase the best quality white wine, these are the 5 fundamental traits or qualities that you need to be mindful about:

The five fundamental characteristics of a wine include:

  • Alcohol
  • Acidity
  • Body
  • Tannin
  • Sweetness

Alcohol: Alcohol will contribute a sensation of sweetness that will balance the presence of acidity and tannins in wine. If you buy red wine online, be informed that the alcohol content in red wines is usually higher than that of white wines by volume. White wines with more alcohol will taste a little bolder. Among white wines, Chardonnay has higher alcohol content, whereas Riesling and Moscato are the ones with lower alcohol content.

Acidity: Wines with increased acidity will have a sharp and unpleasant taste. Acidity helps bring about the flavours of the fruit, specifically in white wines. Even though acidity is relatively higher in white wines when compared to red wines, it is balanced or reduced with the presence of other characteristics such as tannins or sweetness. However, insufficient amount of acidity will certainly degrade the flavour of fruits, as well as that of the wine.

Body: Body refers to the weight of the fruit. You will have different choices such as full-bodied wine, light-bodied wine, and medium-bodied wine. The body of the wine lets you figure out how heavy or light the wine feels on your tongue. Chardonnay is the best full-bodied white wine. Sauvignon Blanc or pinot grigio are the recommended medium-bodied wines, and Riesling & Vinho Verde are the best light-bodied white wines.

Tannin: Tannin refers to the presence of phenolic compounds that are found in the seeds, skins, and stems of the grape. Tannins will have a bitter taste and make the mouth dry. They are usually found to be higher in red wines. If you want to buy wine online in the UK containing a lesser amount of tannins, choose white wines such as Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, and Pinot Grigio.

Sweetness: Grapes contain natural sugar that will enhance the flavours present in a wine. This would also contribute a smooth texture to the wine. The time when the grapes were harvested and fermented determines the sweetness of the wine. In terms of sweetness, there is an array of wines from very sweet to bone dry. White Port is the sweetest white wine you’d find, whereas Chablis and Pinot Grigio are classified as bone-dry wines.

Considering the above-mentioned fundamental traits will let you make a choice of a white wine. To make the purchase process easier, talk to a specialist at the best online wine store in the UK and let them know what you actually want.