Important foods that make Moroccan cuisine a must-try

Marrakech is one of the largest cities in the Moroccan kingdom. It is actually the fourth largest city and is famous for its prefecture-level design and city plan. Famous for Berber carpets, selling for tortoise as pet animal and local souks (markets) selling every item of need, the city also remains aromatic throughout due to the presence of food stalls and street vendors selling local delicacies of the city.

Thus, if you are on Food Tour Marrakech, you will be able to appreciate the flavor and texture better when you have soaked in advance the stories behind the recipes and various influences that have brought the food in this city to its present form.

Some of the interesting foods that make irresistible Moroccan cuisine are:

  1.  Tanjia marrakshia: Named after the earthen pot tajine in which it is prepared, this delicacy can be called the best representative of Moroccan cuisine. It is a slow-cooked recipe having beef meat as the central ingredient. It is simmered with spices and smen in traditionally built ovens put over the ashes. The beef can be replaced with chicken or lamb in the other variants of the recipe. Olives, vegetables and lemons impart it a tangy flavor.
  2. Briouats: This traditional dish from Moroccan cuisine has rice which is cooked with almonds, resins, spices and saffron. The soupy portion of this dish has a lot of vegetables.
  3. Harira soup: In this dish, the lamb portion is blended in tomato paste and fortified with chicken, vermicelli and lentils. Seasoning of spices, cilantro and parsley give it a refreshing look and add to its palatability.
  4. Pastilla: Chicken or pigeon cooked with dry fruits, sugar and spices form the filling of this pie. The outer cover is made of fillo dough that gives this dish a crusty appearance and crunchy taste.

The talk about Moroccan cuisine is incomplete without mentioning its tea culture. Green tea with mint is a common refresher that is concocted throughout the day and served in traditional kettles having curved spouts. All in all, Moroccan cuisine is very nutritious as well as delicious.