Food Preserved with Perfection

Carrefour is one of the largest chains of hypermarkets providing premium quality products of numerous leading brands at its platform. Customers’ trust and love has helped carrefour to serve in 15 countries with distinctive performance. Carrefour keeps an eye to ensure freshness and nutrition of frozen food. All products are picked by experts, processed through multiple quality checks and packed with great technology for retaining its effectiveness. Customer satisfaction and convenience are the key values of Carrefour. Carrefour also offers attractive discounts on using the promo Carrefour discount code. To explore more exciting offers and promotions, visit the website and enjoy the healthy frozen food.

1- Variety of Ready Meals

Don’t have time to buy groceries and other ingredients, no need to worry; Carrefour is there to solve the problem. Carrefour provides a wide variety of ready meals to facilitate their customers with great easiness, taste, quality, quantity and nutrition with huge savings on using Carrefour promo code. The poultry marinated chicken parts 500g is available for just 11.50 SAR. The peene pasta 1kg pack by Sunbulah is also available for just 10.25 SAR after a 48% discount. The nutritious siwar mousaka with eggplants and potatoes 430g costs 32.95 SAR only.

2- Delicious Frozen BBQ

Searching for buying the mouthwatering, tasty and juicy kebabs, kibbeh, tikkah and meatballs, Carrefour is the most authentic solution. The exclusive product by Americana of 8 beef sheesh kabab 320g is available at Carrefour for just 9.95 SAR after 28% discount. The luscious shami shish tawook 330g is also available for just 12.95 SAR after a 27% discount. The most popular Royal beef meatballs 750g cost 21.75 SAR only. One of the tempting products by Americana is Egyptian beef kofta 900g for just 26.75 SAR. To enjoy further discounts and promotions, use Carrefour discount code.

3- Nutritious Frozen Seafood

Whether it is a shrimp or any other seafood, Carrefour makes it all available for their precious customers with great convenience and unmatchable quality. The Asmak cooking shrimp 400g has an original price of 23.95 SAR, but is now available for just 17.50 SAR after a 26% discount. The appetizing large prawn by Al kabeer is also available in the pack of 400g for just 47.25 SAR. Another product, medium cooked shrimp 400g by sirella is available for just 71.50 SAR. The seafood cocktail by sirella is also available for just 36.75 SAR only. For more amazing offers, use Carrefour discount code.

3- Yummy Frozen Desserts and Ice Cream

Carrefour offers a wide variety of yummy ice creams, sticks, lollies, bars, cones and much more by most trusted brands like London dairy, sunbulah, Baskin Robbins, Carrefour, Saudia, Mccain and many more. The exclusive hostess chocolate cake roll 284g is available for just 30.50 SAR after 28% discount. Another product named as Carrefour cheese pan cakes 300g costs only 12.50 SAR. The Al karamah ground kunafa mafruka 500g is also available for just 8.50 SAR after 28% discount. Avail exclusive discounts at checkout on using Carrefour discount code.