Best Hungarian Restaurants in Budapest

Many individuals visiting a country like trying its cuisine. Suggesting the reality, authentic Hungarian dishes aren’t for individuals dieting. These dishes are too heavy and fatty, however, their wealthy flavor and texture compensate you for the slightly excessive calories from fat. By using modern cooking methods Hungarian cuisine may be healthier, reduced calories, but nonetheless wealthy in vitamins while preserving authentic Hungarian flavors. If you wish to taste the specific Hungarian cuisine, It is best to check these places out.

21 Restaurant

21 Fortuna utca, H-1014 Budapest

21 Restaurant can be found in the narrow Fortuna Street within the Buda Castle. They provide traditional Hungarian cuisine obtaining a contemporary bistro feeling. Their philosophy: “Hungarian cuisine as it is at traditional days, but updated for that twenty-first century”. Within the light in the slogan all of the ingredients keep your essence of classic Hungarian gastronomy but without feeling lots of overwhelmed and, so these dishes aren’t so fatty and they are lighter than Hungarian food was once. Transporting out a enjoyable meals within the restaurant you can walk around and such as the beautiful surrounding within the Buda Castle.

Náncsi Néni

80 Ördögárok utca, H-1029 Budapest

Náncsi Néni is comparable to a classic farmhouse decorated with wood panels and works of art within the calm, wealthy suburb one of the hillsides of Buda. Even if it’s within the wealthy area, Náncsi Néni isn’t an costly place with others red and white-colored-colored-colored table covers. It represents traditional Hungarian cuisine while using sinful heavy food what type of typical Hungarian granny cooks them, though worldwide dishes are available. The outside sitting area reaches a enjoyable garden with century old oak and chestnut trees, getting an excellent atmosphere within the summer time time time. Center pays special focus on families with babies, visitors with pets and bikes can also be welcome.